What is Shredding Sassy and why should I be interested as an action sports enthusiast?
What is an NFT and how does it relate to Shredding Sassy?
How do I buy a Shredding Sassy NFT? Do I need any special tech skills?
Why does Shredding Sassy use NFTs instead of traditional memberships?
What are the benefits of owning a Shredding Sassy NFT? How will it enhance my action sports experiences?
How does the Shredding Sassy Social Club work? What makes it exclusive?
Can I interact with pro athletes or gain access to special events as a Shredding Sassy NFT holder?
What are $SQUATCH points and how can I earn and use them?
How will owning a Shredding Sassy NFT save me money on my action sports activities?
I've heard of blockchain but don't fully understand it. Can you briefly explain how it relates to my Shredding Sassy membership?