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Welcome to Meta Mountain

Sassy's are a bunch of fun loving, adrenaline fueled Sasquatches that reside on Meta Mountain. A mysterious mountain with endless terrain and some of the gnarliest features in the world.

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The future is decentralized

We are building the world's first decentralised extreme sports brand. We believe in communities over corporations and envision a future where ownership and profit are not limited to a select few.

Digital collectible avatars living on the Ethereum blockchain

Our Sassy NFTs are contrived from over 140 unique, hand drawn traits with varying rarity. Each one represents a DAO vote and membership to the Shredding Sassy Social Club.

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Shredding Sassy, a brand with a big vision

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Shredding Sassy Social Club

Members will help in growing the brand by discussing and voting on proposals whilst also being inundated with perks and benefits. Discounts from top brands, exclusive access to pro athletes and incredible mountain experiences both physically and digitally.

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Building a sustainable business

We're a business and understand we can't just rely on royalties to fund our vision. We're already working on multiple revenue streams, both physical and digital to ensure the growth of the brand is sustainable.

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Sponsoring Athletes

We will be actively searching for and sponsoring new talented extreme athletes. Providing funds from our treasury to assist with the costs of travel, accommodation and equipment.

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Protecting our future

A big part of our mission involves sustainability and protecting our environment. We will be working with a number of amazing charities, donating funds and organizing clean up initiatives as well as tracking and offsetting our carbon footprint.

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Trail Map
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Web3 has the ability to unify a

global community 🌍 driven by a

passion ❤️ for extreme sports 💀

and good times. 🤙

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