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The club can be as free as the air you breathe on a downhill run. That's right β€” our club is absolutely free, giving you access to a load of cool stuff without any cost. There is also a premium tier available for those looking to go to the next level. LEARN ABOUT THAT HERE

You'll get insights from pro athletes, strength and conditioning coaches, drone pilots for capturing that epic footage, photography experts to help you frame the perfect action shot, and backcountry experts to guide you on the wild side safely. Listen to stories, ask questions and get insider insight, all from the comfort of wherever you choose to tune in.

Each month, we roll out the red carpet for one special brand from our gang of 30+ partners, offering an exclusive discount to everyone. It’s not just about savings; you can also expect other activations and experiences.

As a member, you're part of our central hub on Discord. Within the Discord there's a dedicated section where you can arrange local meetups. It’s a great place to plan your next shred or arrange a party.

Shredding Sassy hosts a lineup of events across the globe, such as ShredFest in California, surf trips in Portugal, and skate jams in Switzerland. These events are open to our community, giving everyone a chance to experience the fun firsthand.