own a piece of the future with our digital collectibles.

6,200 unique digitals

earn loyalty points

get early access to drops

and more...

to access the section of the club behind the red rope at the back... you need a SHREDDING SASSY NFT. these digital assets are your key to the VIP area. only 6,200 exist, each with a different look and unique set of traits. collect them, trade them or use them as access passes.

Sassy Image

rub shoulders with
some legends

Sassy Ambassador Image

Bob Burnquist

Sassy Ambassador Image

Tyler Chorlton

Sassy Ambassador Image

Ash Kelliah

Sassy Ambassador Image

Jj Thomas

Sassy Ambassador Image

Keith Gabel


we can show you the world.


VIP access to our events, member-exclusive parties and pop ups.


get face-to-face with the legends and pros.


physical versions of traits from the SHREDDING SASSY digitals.

friends with benefits.

exclusive discounts and special access from our brand partners.

get rewarded.

collect loyalty points to spend on physicals, digitals and experiences.

never ride solo.

join the community! find your next ride-or-die crew here.


invest in the future.

digital sales help fuel the next generation of action sports talent, back worthy causes, and keep our loyalty store stacked with the rewards you deserve.


immerse yourself in the culture.

VIP invites to our events, member-only gear drops, and first dibs on our epic trips. it's not just the perks; it's about the stories you'll tell.

find your digital now!

explore over 140 unique traits, 38 outfits, 25 hats, 16 furs. ONLY 6,200 SASSY'S.

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Sassy Charecters

frequently asked questions

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique digital item using blockchain technology. We use them to verify ownership for special benefits and perks! Plus, you get to own a piece of the brand and story. Each Shredding Sassy NFT is completely unique, find the one that best resembles you!

Free membership offers basic community access and perks, while NFT membership includes additional benefits like exclusive content, special discounts, VIP access to events, early access to merch drops with a 20% discount and other unique opportunities within the Shredding Sassy eco-system.

Yes, you can list your Shredding Sassy NFT for sale on our marketplace or on other platforms like OpenSea. There is flexibility to sell your Shredding Sassy NFT anytime, you are not locked into keeping it.

SQUATCH is a reward system within the club. You can earn these rewards through various activities like posting on social media and interacting with our eco-system. You can use them for exclusive products, raffles and auctions on the Squatch Shop.

The central platform for Shredding Sassys Club is Discord. On this platform, you can interact with  other shredders, access discounts from brand partners, communicate with professional coaches to improve skills, and participate in games, events, and watch parties. Additionally, Discord serves as a primary channel for receiving the latest Shredding Sassy news.